Competition for the Students of EU Program of Medicine 

European University announces a competition for one travel grant for the students of EU program of medicine for 68th IFMSA General Assembly March Meeting, which will take place from 1st to 7th March 2019 on the Slovenian coast.

Deadline for sending documents (CV and a scanned copy of a passport) is 24.00 11 January 2018. The documents should be sent to

The selection process includes examination of relevance of the accepted documents and information to the competition requirements.

The criteria to assess the documents are:

• High-Grade Point Average (GPA) – 60 % share in assessing the candidate's performance
• Participation in academic activities (conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.) - 30 %
•Participation in extracurricular activities (tutoring, participation in a pilot program, taking part in organizational arrangements, etc.) - 10 %

The commission will decide on the selected candidate till 18.00 of 12 January 2019.

The decision will be published on the university website and news blog of EU International Office ( by 24.00 of 12 January 2019.